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BYJU'S Review

BYJU'S is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of math courses for students of all levels. Their courses are designed to cater to the needs of students who are just starting out with basic math concepts and those who are looking to master more advanced topics such as calculus and geometry.


Price: From 20$
Ages: Pre-K to 12 Grades
Type: Website
Category: Math, Coding, Reading, Music and Creativity


Whether your child is a beginner in math or looking to enhance their skills in more advanced topics like calculus and geometry, BYJU'S has the perfect learning solutions for them.

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A new edtech sensation has flooded the media in recent times: BYJU’S. Blogs mention it. Parents recommend it. But what exactly is BYJU’S? And is it a worthy investment for you and your kid? Well, this article will provide an in-depth tour of BYJUS review and its pros.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Pros and Cons 

BYJU’S has definitely been a media sensation for a while. But what perks does it offer? Like most edtech companies, it provides its users with a wide range of benefits. 

For starters, the quality of the website’s content is top-notch. With a standard-aligned curriculum, BYJU’S provides parents with the much-needed assurance that their child’s learning needs will be attended to. Furthermore, it presents educational content in a fun, interactive way. Thus, parents can be sure that kids partake fully in the learning process and are motivated to keep on doing so. 


Unfortunately, despite its glimmer, BYJU’S does have a downside. It’s a tad expensive and might require you to scrape a few pennies together just to enroll your kid. 

What Is BYJUS? is more than just an edtech buzz that we can’t stop hearing about. It’s an Indian edtech company that has been around the block since 2011. With over 115 million registered students, BYJU’S is certainly a favorite among parents. But what exactly is it all about? 

Put simply, it’s an online tutoring app that offers top-notch educational content for kids in Grades 4 through 12. According to BYJU’S , its mission is to break the barriers to quality education and help create an efficient learning system for young learners. The platform achieves this goal by shaping personalized and engaging learning journeys for all its users.

Who Created BYJU’S? 

BYJU’s is a product of Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd, an edtech company which was founded by Byju Raveendran, Divya Gokulnath, and a group of students. According to Byju Raveendran, they established BUJU’S with a primary aim to make every student on the platform an active learner. So far, it has achieved this aim. 

How Much Does BYJU’S Cost? 

BYJUS online classes fees are pretty reasonable, all things considered. On this platform, you can get access to a wide range of learning products to teach your kid core concepts. 

For starters, it has an educational app designed to make learning fun and more adventurous for kids. This app contains up to 3000 learning adventures and a comprehensive library containing video lessons, quizzes, and stories. You can access this app for $9.99 a month or $99.99 annually. 

In addition to the learning app, you can also access a wide range of BYJUS classes for a fee. For instance, its Grade 10 classes cost about Rs. 35,000. In addition, you can hire a tutor on demand to help your kid understand concepts in-depth and prepare for the exams. This option costs about Rs. 2000 for two sessions. If you prefer a long-term contract, you can purchase up to 50 sessions at Rs. 25000.

How Does BYJU’S Work? 

Wondering how BYJU’S online classes work? Well, it’s quite simple. BYJU’S operates a freemium model. This means that learners can access most of the features free of charge for a limited time. We’ll break it down further to paint a clearer picture for you. Here’s how it works:

if you’re interested in using BYJU’S as a part of your child’s education, you’ll need to start by providing their personal details. These include name, age, and academic grade level. Once you’ve done this, you’ll automatically get a free trial period of 15 days. You get to try out BYJUS learning platforms and courses during this period. 

So, what happens after a free trial expires? Like with most freemium models, you’ll then need to pay to access BYJUS courses and advanced features. 

After you make payment, your kid can enroll in different classes and begin to attend them. Usually, these classes are conducted by IIT graduates at the closest center to your location. In the same vein, the classes feature in-depth one-on-one tutor-student interactions. This way, you can rest assured that your child’s learning needs are considered and given the utmost attention. 

After enrolling in classes, kids are required to take multiple exams. Sounds scary, right? However, these exams are designed to test a student’s skills and knowledge in different areas and offer personalized feedback to fix learning gaps and weaknesses. More importantly, the tests are aligned with the standard academic curriculum. 

But that’s not even the best part yet. In addition to providing personalized feedback to students, BYJU’S also offers parents comprehensive progress reports. With this learning tool, you’ll get an in-depth, blow-by-blow analysis of your child’s academic progress. This analysis and feedback are also done in real time. This way, you can stay on top of your child’s academic progress. You’ll also never be left in the dark, and that’s a win for any parent! 

What Subjects Do They Offer?

BYJUS elearning services span a wide range of subjects. Since the platform is dedicated to revolutionizing learning for all students, it comes as no surprise that its tentacles are spread across different areas of education. Here’s a quick breakdown of the subjects offered:

Classes 4-5

Kids in classes 4-5 start off pretty easy. They get access to core math and science classes that equip them with the necessary skills to climb the academic ladder. With BYJU’S cutting-edge technology, they’ll be able to attend interactive math and science classes where they’ll gain hands-on knowledge and experience. Furthermore, children are able to apply everything they’ve learned to real-life scenarios. 

Classes 6-8

In classes 6-8, things get a little more serious. A young learner tightens their seat belt and moves beyond math and science. BYJUS course offer for kids in classes 6-8 is a tad broader because kids at this age are beginning to encounter more advanced concepts than they did in previous grades. So, the curriculum covers math, science, history, and geography. In addition to the core subjects they did in previous grades, kids in classes 6-8 get to learn more about the world and historical events. 

Classes 9-12

While the BYJU’S course offer for classes 6-8 strikes a balance between science and social sciences, things are different in classes 9-12. Here, the curriculum is more science-focused in a deliberate bid to prepare kids for their upcoming exams. So, kids in these classes typically learn math, physics, chemistry, and biology. 

Classes 11-12

Classes 11 and 12 are at the pinnacle of BYJU’S academic skyscraper. Typically, kids in classes 11 and 12 have to prepare for transitional exams. So, in addition to the science-based courses, they learn other subjects like commerce, accountancy, economics, and so on. Furthermore, BYJU’S also helps them prepare for the exams.

What Ages Is BYJU’s Appropriate for? 

When choosing a learning platform for your kid, it’s perfectly normal to have concerns about its age-appropriateness. Is it comprehensible for kids of their age? Does the curriculum need to be broken down further? 

These are the key questions, and if you’re considering using BYJU’S as a learning tool, you’ll need some clarity. So, to the big question: what ages is BYJU’S appropriate for? 

Put simply, it’s appropriate for kids in lower kindergarten up until Grade 12. In 2020, BYJU’S launched its Early Learn Math, ensuring that even young learners would have no issues understanding their academic curriculum. The Early Learn app uses a play-based strategy to drive learning because it’s one of the most effective methods for motivating kids. Kids get to learn math and English through fun, interactive videos, stories, rhymes, and worksheets. 

Older kids aren’t left out of the equation either. BYJU’S tutoring services cater to their various academic needs. For instance, students can get help from BYJU’S tutors when it comes to preparing for external exams. From tutoring to providing relevant resources, this platform caters to their subscribers’ every need. 

So, whether you’ve got a kindergartener or a high schooler on your hands, BYJU’S is definitely appropriate for them. 

Who Are BYJU’s Tutors? 

So, who are the geniuses behind the scene? The silent potters creating and molding mini geniuses? Although very little is known about BYJU’S tutors, we’ll lay down the hard facts. 

BYJU’S tutors are a group of geniuses who have dedicated their time and effort to helping young learners excel academically. If you’re seeking more information about the gurus who’ll be tutoring your kid, here’s what you should know:

They have the necessary qualifications and background

Here’s the thing: tutors just don’t appear magically from thin air. More often than not, they have to go through years of training to be able to stand in front of kids. The case isn’t any different with BYJU’S tutors. All of them hold a Bachelor’s degree (or even a Master’s one), which makes them qualified enough to teach. 

Beyond academic qualifications, however, they also have the necessary skills and experience. So, you can rest assured that your child is in the hands of a veteran. 

They’re friendly 

Although this isn’t always talked about, friendliness is a core trait for any tutor looking to achieve results. With a friendly tutor, kids will feel at ease and be more likely to learn. 

They pass through several tests 

Just like any reputable platform, BYJU’S has a thorough testing system used to screen all candidates and ensure that only the best of the lot are hired. Thus, in essence, BYJU’S tutors aren’t merely geniuses; they’re tested and tried geniuses. 

BYJU’S Customer Reviews 

So, what do other people say about BYJU’S? For many parents, it’s a great platform that takes the burden off you and pushes your child to greater academic heights. 

On the downside, a large number of customers report that its sales/marketing team might be a tad pushy. If you’re not a huge fan of cold calling and email marketing, this is something worth noting. 

Final Thoughts 

BYJU’S is an excellent platform for any parent looking to boost their child’s knowledge and cater to their academic needs. BYJU’S future school is the one that is focused and turns learners into whizzes. 

With a horde of experienced tutors and groundbreaking learning strategies, your child will certainly get the high-quality education they deserve. We hope this BYJU’S review provides you with all the clarity you need.

Good luck! 


Is BYJU’S Safe for Kids? 

BYJU’S is a top-notch edtech program that promises to deliver high-quality education to its users. Since it is targeted at kids in lower kindergarten to Grade 12, it’s certainly safe for kids. The content used in the classes is purely educational and age-appropriate. Similarly, all the tutors are screened professionals. 

Does BYJU’S Have a Referral Program? 

Yes, it does. BYJU’S has a “Refer and Earn” program where you can win a token for referring your friends. Here’s how it works: download the Exam Prep Test Series app and sign up. Go to the Refer and Earn section and invite your friends using any social channel. Once they’ve downloaded the app using your referral link, you and your friend will earn Rs. 50.

Does BYJU’S Have a Physical Learning Center for Offline Classes? 

Yes. BYJU’S is currently testing a hybrid model where students can learn offline if they want to. According to the founder, BYJU’S is launching centers across major cities, and soon, this model will be activated. 

Can BYJU’S Fit into a Homeschool Curriculum? 

Yes. BYJU’S is a perfect companion for an average homeschooling parent. With its standard-aligned curriculum, you don’t have to worry about creating a personalized curriculum for your kid. BYJU’S tutors will take care of that for you. 

Does BYJU’S Math Comply with Common Core Standards? 

BYJU’S has a wide range of math resources designed to help students reach the pinnacle of their academic life. All these resources are aligned with the Common Core Math standards. 

Do They Provide Promo Codes or Coupons? 

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer any BYJUS coupons and deals. However, you do get a free trial as a new user and are entitled to Rs. 50 referral fee if you invite a friend to sign up to the Exam Prep Test Series app.

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