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Cuemath Review

Cuemath is an online learning platform that offers live, one-on-one math classes for students in grades K to 12. The program aims to help children learn math faster and more effectively by providing personalized attention from highly qualified math instructors. During each Cuemath class, the instructor works with the student individually to understand their strengths and weaknesses and tailor the lesson plan accordingly.


Price: FREE
Ages: K-12 Grades
Type: Website
Category: Math


Overall, Cuemath appears to be a reputable and effective online learning platform for children's math and coding education. However, as with any educational program, individual results may vary, and it's essential to research and consider all options before making a decision.

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This article is an honest Cuemath review containing all the information parents and teachers need to get the best out of this online math learning platform.


Undoubtedly, math is the subject that unites all other science subjects together. It remains a valuable life skill that has numerous real-world applications. Today, the easiest way to introduce youngsters to this subject is by registering them on one of the online learning platforms.

This article will analyze one of the great online math learning platforms, You’ll be able to check its effectiveness in helping your children learn mathematics at their own pace. By the end, parents and teachers looking for the best math foundation for their kids will have enough information to decide if Cuemath is the ideal starting point.

Pros and Cons of Cuemath


  • Cuemath tutorial classes are held by teachers who have a unique style of engaging kids and making them fall in love with math.
  • This platform has friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced teachers with an active approach to teaching and a well-comprehensible math curriculum that suits children’s needs.
  • The learning methods are focused on mental and aptitude development.
  • Cue math provides logical real-life scenarios and math questions for kids to help them develop problem-solving skills.


  • Cuemath requires a good laptop and high internet speed to have the best experience with the platform as most of the available features are designed for laptops, tablets, and wide-screen phones.
  • Because class activities are based online, kids can occasionally experience downtime due to technical failure.
  • Since each kid is assigned to a specific tutor, the program cost could be high, depending on the frequency of tutoring a child receives each week.

What Is Cuemath?

Cuemath is an online math and coding learning platform for kids. It focuses on creating a holistic system that helps students understand topics and tackle every math problem. The platform offers live classes to encourage kids to sharpen their problem-solving skills. 

Cuemath USA — an after-school program — helps kids from kindergarten through high school learn coding and math concepts logically and excitingly. It provides them with much-needed self-study modules to master the subjects. This platform also offers game-related exercises and modules integrated into the curriculum.

The Cuemath course offers interactive lessons as it is a certified edtech platform that uses different visualization techniques to make math and coding fun for kids. Schools can even recommend Cuemath as an after-school activity to help students improve their math skills.

Who Created Cuemath? 

Manan Khurma from India is the founder and CEO of Cuemath. He started Cuemath in 2013, intending to revolutionize mathematics education for children, firmly believing that math should be taught and learned as a life skill and not just a subject. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics, B. Tech, and Communication Engineering from IIT in Delhi.

How Much Does Cuemath Cost?

The tuition at Cuemath is lower than in many other online platforms that offer intensive math courses. Still, it provides better value for money than any other online platform. 

The Cue math program offers private online lessons for small groups that are cheaper than in high-end platforms. Before signing up, you can try Cuemath free trial with the Cuemath demo class. After that, you pay less per lesson. Signing up for classes means you’ve subscribed for an 18-month commitment of 144 group classes at $13 per class. 

If you only want to subscribe for six months, the Cuemath price costs $17 per month, and individual lessons will cost more. If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund for the remainder of the course.

How Does Cuemath Work?

Cuemath is a carefully designed math program that provides students with comprehensive, well-structured resources and one-on-one attention from highly qualified and certified teachers. The program’s automated and adaptive technology makes it a practical choice for math students of all grades. Its adaptive learning system also provides personalized tutorials based on each student’s needs. 

Students have access to unlimited Cuemath worksheets and exercises, as well as step-by-step video lessons and instructions to guide them. Live support from certified Cuemath instructors is available via live chat on the website and mobile app. Students can work through a series of  worksheets, and a teacher supervises each step. 

Cuemath classes last 60 minutes and are held at least twice a week. The platform has a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:6. However, in face-to-face lessons, teachers and students can interact directly.

Cuemath has a learning-oriented policy; children can learn math independently. If a student needs help, a teacher gives them full attention and a detailed explanation. Considerable progress has been made in the problem-solving approach used in all Cuemath live lectures. 

In most cases, children focus more on taking notes than doing homework. Many studies have shown that self-study is an effective learning method, especially in mathematics subjects. In addition, the use of adaptive technology has been shown to improve student achievement. 

With Cuemath, your child can work independently and get at least 3 hours of proper instruction per week. The personalized learning system allows students to work through the material resources at their own pace. It also provides Cuemath coding courses that are designed for students at stages 1-12 and include game development, application development, and Python to help students build a solid foundation in computational thinking.

What Subjects Do They Offer?

Cuemath offers math lessons and the curriculum is divided into three parts:

  • School Mathematics: Covers most subjects in school mathematics, and it is designed with various curriculums (both national and international) in mind. Worksheets are given to students during lessons. Additional worksheets are provided if a teacher feels a student needs more practice. 
  • Mental Aptitude: a 10-minute session with math activities to improve students’ accuracy. It is available in app-based forms and can be accessed from any device, anytime, and anywhere. 
  • Creative Reasoning: Cuemath values its students’ creative thinking and teaches them how to solve problems and think creatively. Reasoning cards are given to students in each class. 

The platform encourages students to learn by practicing and to think about the “whys.” Students can focus on a specific page or multiple pages to understand concepts fully.

Classes taught online on Cuemath’s platform are called Cuemath Leap. They last 45 minutes and use features like video, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard to make learning fun. Even in group classes, teacher-student interaction is one-on-one, so each child receives individual attention to ensure concept understanding and progress.

Visual learning is at the heart of Cuemath, which uses real-life examples to help students understand math. In addition to online lessons, students can use the Cuemath app with quizzes to test their knowledge. They can message a teacher if they need help with an assignment. Parents receive detailed feedback, and the program is tailored to a child’s needs.

What Age Is Cuemath Appropriate for?

Cuemath online math tutoring platform is mainly designed for children of 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, and 17-18 like Juni Learning(check this Juni Learning review). It also offers an exciting after-school online class for K12 students to learn programming.

The platform provides game-specific math activities and modules integrated into the curriculum. The edtech-based solutions focus on learning concepts and use various visualization techniques to make matching and coding fun. The students also get much-needed self-study modules that help master the subject. 

Schools can offer Cuemath as an after-school activity to help students improve their math and coding skills. Cuemath offers interactive lessons that engage students in both mathematics and coding. The platform provides educational support for students in kindergarten and all through to their tenth grade inclusive. 

The Cuemath curriculum is divided into two distinct modules: Basic Math (for KG to 6) and Leap Cuemath (for classes 7 to 10). Cuemath Leap prepares students for higher education. It combines multiple exams and short courses to help students solve real-life problems outside class.

Who Are Cuemath Tutors?

Cuemath teachers are carefully selected and trained mathematics professionals. The tutors working at Cuemath are experienced and qualified mathematics teachers. The applicants undergo a rigorous selection and training process where only 3% are approved to teach and their work is constantly monitored. 

Most Cuemath teachers are based in India, but their English is fluent and they have excellent academic and professional backgrounds. Your child will usually study with the same teacher, but you can change teachers or change the schedule if necessary. After 40+ hours of initial training, follow-up workshops are required to keep a teacher up-to-date on best practices. 

Cuemath is one of the largest networks in the world, with over 10,000 math teachers, and the number is still multiplying. Most importantly, Cuemath teachers are trained in empathy and coaching. The best thing is that those students who apply for a 18-month plan have their account manager who can be contacted at any time.

Cuemath expert tutors deliver 2-3 live classes weekly on Cuemath’s platform using audio, video, and chat tools. Whenever a student needs help, a teacher steps in and assists them in moving forward. Learners are expected to solve intelligently created worksheets, while teachers are there to monitor each step.

Cuemath Reviews by Customers 

Akash Patnaik


“The Curriculum, carefully designed to bring the best out of kids, is the best part of Cuemath, with everything built around it. The tutor is knowledgeable, always smiling, and knows what kids want. I also enrolled my nephew with Cuemath; I’ve never seen him enjoy Math so much.

Thank You”

Praj Classes

Great platform loved by my kids

“As a mother, I always think about my kid’s education. I want them to be experts in every skill, not in their school subject only, but in every part, whether it’s logic, reasoning, or aptitude. I came to know about Cuemath with one of my friends, and it gave me answers to all my expectations. Cuemath is a great platform; the method to explain the concept and the simulation used to visualize the idea is excellent and exciting. The most fantastic part is that my daughters liked it very much, and they enjoyed learning.

Thank you, Cuemath.

Thank You”

Aruna Jeeva Bharathi B

Best math program for kids

“Cuemath provides the best platform to learn math. It is best to enroll your child from kg. Doing this early will give good results in the child’s performance. Concept clarity, challenging questions, an engaging platform, a math gym, and teaching methodology make the child great at math. My daughter has been studying in Cuemath for two years. She has become an independent solver and has developed a lot of patience to work on more challenging problems. My son, who enrolled in kindergarten, has developed a lot of interest in math and improved his problem-solving speed.

Thank You”


Having reviewed all information about Cuemath, you can see that the platform is recommended for parents looking for an after-school math development program for their kids. The flexibility of the platform’s programs, which are changed to meet each child’s needs, makes a service unique. If you’re looking for a high-quality math program that will challenge and engage your child, Cuemath is worth going for.

Cuemath Review: Is It Worth It for Kids? FAQ<

Is Cuemath Safe for Kids?

Yes, it is safe for kids. Cuemath is designed to engage children in mathematics in the most fun and exciting way. In this way, the child will not count and feel pressure from all sides. 

Kids learn by observing the real-world application of concepts, which helps build a solid mathematical foundation and learn through ideas rather than active learning. By asking questions that lead to the discovery of ideas, kids are motivated to find answers. Cuemath includes lots of fun exercises (to improve speed and accuracy), math games (for brain training), puzzle cards (for practice, creative and logical thinking), and much more. 

These activities help your child understand concepts and develop enough skills to solve complex math problems in minutes, making Cuemath safe for kids.

Does Cuemath Have a Referral Program?

Yes, Cuemath has a referral program. The Cuemath Referral Program is intended for personal and non-commercial use only. The referral link may only be shared with your contacts and not with the public.

Does Cuemath Have a Physical Learning Center for Offline Classes?

No! Cuemath classes are entirely online and not available in any physical Learning center.

Can Cuemath Fill into a Homeschool Curriculum?

Yes, it can. Cuemath’s Math syllabus is designed to build a strong base, making it an ideal choice for homeschooled kids. The children can learn at their own pace, and periodic assessments are done to track their progress.

Does Cuemath Math Comply with Common Core Standards? 

Cuemath’s award-winning Curriculum is highly visual, logical, and completely compliant with US Common Core, Cambridge International, CBSE, and ICSE standards.

Do They Provide Promo Codes or Coupons?

Yes! Cuemath provides promo codes and coupons for discounts on their courses.

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