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Math Blaster Review

Become a member of Math Blaster, a futuristic adventure based learning game that combines gaming, math practice and fun in a safe and secure environment for kids. Use your math lessons and high-tech gadgets to complete missions in outer space.


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Ages: K-4 Grades
Type: Website
Category: Math


We can’t recommend Math Blaster , there are platforms with much better performance.

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Look Back at the Classic Educational Video Game, Math Blaster

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you’ve heard of Math Blaster. Released in 1983 by Davidson & Associates, this classic educational video game was an instant hit with kids and parents alike. It combines math problem-solving with an exciting space adventure to create an educational experience like no other. Let’s take a look back at this revolutionary computer game.

Gameplay and Storyline

Math Blaster is a single-player side-scrolling shooter game set in outer space. The player takes on the role of “Blasternaut,” a brave explorer who has been sent on a mission to find the missing pieces of an intergalactic jigsaw puzzle. To complete his mission, Blasternaut must traverse across space while avoiding obstacles and fighting off aliens that are trying to prevent him from succeeding.

The twist? To progress through each level, Blasternaut must answer math challenges that appear along the way. These challenges vary in difficulty and range from basic addition and subtraction problems to more complex algebraic equations. Once he correctly solves the challenge, he can continue his journey and move on to the next level.

Educational Value

Math Blaster is unique in that it combines learning with entertainment; something that many other educational games of its time failed to do. By providing players with a fun and engaging story line while also introducing them to math concepts such as fractions and geometry, this classic game effectively manages to make learning enjoyable for kids of all ages. In addition, Math Blaster helps develop logical thinking skills by encouraging players to analyze problems critically before coming up with solutions.

Overall, Math Blaster is a fun yet educational classic video game that can provide hours of entertainment for kids ages 6-12 (and even adults). Its focus on problem solving combined with its exciting outer space setting encourages children to think critically while having fun at the same time—a combination that is hard to come by these days! Whether you’re looking for something new or just want a nostalgic trip down memory lane, this classic game is sure to bring hours of enjoyment for everyone involved!

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Math Blaster Games – Fun and Educational for Kids

Math Blaster games are a series of educational computer games designed to make math fun and engaging for kids. The series has been around since the late 1980s, and it continues to be popular with parents and children alike.

While the original game focused on basic math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, more recent versions of Math Blaster include advanced topics such as algebra, geometry, fractions, and decimals.

Original Math Blaster For Kids

Math Blaster is an interactive game that uses a variety of characters to teach math concepts in fun ways. Players can compete against each other or play alone. The goal of the game is to solve various mathematical problems by shooting at them with a blaster gun. As players progress through the levels of the game, they’re rewarded with points for correctly answering questions. They also have access to a virtual world where they can interact with other players from around the world.

The Math Blaster series is available in both online and offline formats. The online version allows users to play directly from their web browser while the offline version requires installation onto their computer or gaming console. Both versions offer similar features such as 3D graphics, multiple difficulty levels, customization options, leader boards, and achievements. Additionally, there are mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices which allow users to take their game play on-the-go.

Math Blaster Pre Algebra Review

Math Blaster Pre Algebra is a video game designed to teach your child the basics of algebra, with a twist. It’s a point-and-click puzzle game set in a spooky mansion that focuses on building key mathematics skills.

There are nine activities that focus on decimals, integers, and rational numbers. Each activity is correlated to state and national educational standards, preparing kids for algebra as they develop critical thinking skills.

Weighing the Evidence: The first activity in The Great Brain Robbery is a re-make of the same puzzle that appears in the 1989 version of Math Blaster Mystery. The premise of this puzzle is to stack four objects with numbers on them so that they add up to a certain number.

Math Blaster Episode I: In Search Of Spot

The second activity in The Great Brain Robbery is another re-make of an earlier puzzle that appears in both Reading Blaster Ages 9-12 and Math Blaster: Pre-Algebra. This time, you have to stack barrels that generate food for one of Dr. Dabble’s robots, winning the activity when you feed it so much that it explodes!

Luck-Based Mission: The sentence spinner game in Reading Blaster Ages 9-12 is mostly based on chance, with random whammies like “wordrupt.” This is an example of a good puzzle that can be difficult to solve without a lot of practice, but it’s still an impressive achievement.

Strict Formula: The Great Brain Robbery, Reading Blaster Ages 9-12, and Math Blaster: Pre-Algebra all follow a pretty standard formula. Rave gets a tip about a crime committed by Dr. Dabble, and he heads over to his creepy mansion, sometimes only on a hunch that he’s responsible.

Math Blaster Mystery The Great Brain Robbery

Haunted House: The mansion that Dr. Dabble resides in in the first two games is haunted by Lydia Novella, the former owner of the house. This ghost helps Rave throughout the rest of the game.

Herr Doktor: At the start of Math Blaster Pre-Algebra, a German-accented character is referred to as “Professor”.

He’s also the brain behind the numerical guesser in The Great Brain Robbery and the electrical math magnet in Reading Blaster Vocabulary: Ages 9-12.


Math Blaster games are a great way for kids to learn math skills in a fun and engaging way. With its wide range of topics covered in both its online and offline versions – plus its availability on mobile platforms – it’s no wonder why this long-standing series continues to be popular with both parents and children alike! If you’re looking for an entertaining way to help your child learn math concepts then look no further than Math Blaster!

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Math Blaster Review FAQ

What Is Math Blaster?

Math Blaster is a popular educational video game franchise that aims to help students develop their math skills through fun and engaging gameplay. It was first introduced in 1983 and has since evolved into various iterations and platforms.

Is Math Blaster Effective For Learning Math?

Math Blaster can be an effective tool for learning math, particularly for younger students who may find traditional classroom instruction to be boring or unengaging. The platform uses gamification and interactive gameplay to help students develop their math skills and gain confidence in their abilities. However, it should be noted that it may not be suitable for all learners and may not be a substitute for traditional math instruction.

How Do I Access Math Blaster?

Math Blaster is available on various platforms, including PC, Mac, and mobile devices. You can access it through the Math Blaster website or through app stores such as the App Store or Google Play. Some versions of the game may require a subscription or purchase to access all features and levels.

What Age Group Is Math Blaster Suitable For?

Math Blaster is designed for students in elementary and middle school, typically ranging from ages 6 to 12. However, the specific age range may vary depending on the version of the game and the student’s individual math abilities and interests.

What Do Math Blaster Reviews Say About The Platform’s Effectiveness?

Math Blaster reviews are generally positive, with many users praising the platform’s engaging gameplay and effectiveness in helping students develop their math skills. However, some users have noted that the game may become repetitive or lose its effectiveness over time. It’s important to read a range of reviews and consider your own learning needs and preferences before deciding if Math Blaster is right for you.

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